McGarity: "Let's Get to Work"

McGarity: "Let's Get to Work"

ATHENS - Greg McGarity came home to Athens officially today.


McGarity, who had been Jeremy Foley's right hand man at Florida, was given a five-year, $2.3 million contract on Friday from Georgia president Michael Adams.

"It was also clear to me that anyone who has spent 18 years at Florida has suffered enough," Adams said during the press conference.

McGarity takes over one of the most powerful athletic departments in the country, but one that has slid in national rankings of late.

"I think we have to rebuild some trust and accountability," McGarity said. "I am not interested in the past. We will concentrate on making Georgia the best. Nothing should come in the way of making us the very best. We have the resources to get the job done. Our athletic department will do things the right way and we will compete for SEC and national championships the right way. Nothing should prevent us from achieving or goals. We will have high expectations on the field and off the field."

The press conference ends a difficult summer for the Bulldogs. The previous AD, Damon Evans, resigned days following a messy DUI arrest in Atlanta. Adams said he was ready to move on, and get past the problem that haunted the program.

"There was some post-pardum depression after the events related to Mr. Evans. I felt like if we could get this done before the start of school it would help the new AD," Adams said.

Adams also indicated that integrity was a huge factor in his decision.

McGarity will take over as AD on September 1st. The Bulldogs host their first football game of the year later that week. Recommended Stories

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