Evans Resigns; Gets Severance

Evans Resigns; Gets Severance

ATHENS – Georgia's Athletic Association Executive Board entered an executive session just after 11 AM today to discuss a "personnel matter."


Evans Settlement
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Damon Evans Contract

The worst-kept secret of the holiday weekend was announced when University President Michael Adams and company emerged from the session, which is closed by state law to the media.

"Damon Evans submitted his resignation, which I have accepted," Adams said.

Adams said that Evans will receive a $100,000 bonus for longevity, which was due on July 1, 2011 and three months salary as a severance. The total amount of the settlement is $237,500.

The contract also stipulates that Adams will "receive a reference mutually agreed to by (Adams) and Evans." The former AD must return all athletic association property, including the two cars he was allowed to use, to University council Ed Tolley before noon Tuesday July 6th. Neither Evans nor Adams are allowed to make statements, "written or oral, express or implied, which are disparaging, critical or negative toward (each) other or any of their agents, employees or students."

Adams did not accept questions from the media.

"Under a separation agreement and release endorsed today by the executive committee of the board of directors of the University of Georgia Athletic Association, Mr. Evans will receive $100,000 longevity bonus for his prior service, in accordance with the terms of his contract, as well as 3 months' salary as severance," Adams said.

"We acknowledged the many positive accomplishments of his tenure, including an increased focus on the academic success of student-athletes, the overall financial strength of the athletic department and the hiring of many very good people as head coaches and senior leaders in the athletic department," Adams added.

The action of Adams and the board draws to a conclusion one of the swiftest falls in the history of Georgia's storied athletic departments. Evans, one of the youngest athletic directors in the country when hired in 2004, has been at the helm of one of the most profitable departments in the country during his tenure.

Evans was the point man on several new initiatives, which included a new rights agreement with ISP, a new practice facility for the basketball program as well as the firing of Dennis Felton and hiring of Mark Fox.

For his work, Evans was given a new contract worth almost $3 million in April. At the time Adams remarked that Evans was given the raise because of his performance and no seemingly no impropriety surrounding him.

"There's not been a whiff of impropriety during that six-year period," Adams told reporters after the agreement for Evans' new contract.

But moments before the new contract was set to begin, Evans was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. His passenger, 28-year old Courtney Fuhrmann was charged with disorderly conduct. Before her arrest, according to the arresting officer, Fuhrmann's red panties were between Evans' legs.

Evans is scheduled to appear in court on the DUI charges on July 12th.

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