Evans Out; Reaches Settlement w/ Adams

ATHENS - Damon Evans is no longer the athletic director at Georgia.


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Damon Evans Contract

Damon Evans' tenure as athletic director at Georgia is over less than five days into a new five-year contract that would have paid the former AD $2.95 million in guaranteed money with bonuses that would have moved the total compensation from the contract to well over $3 million.

Tim Tucker of the AJC is reporting that Evans and the University have reached a settlement. Tucker reports: "The amount of the settlement is not known at this time."

WSB was first to report that Evans would no longer be AD. Dawg Post confirmed the news early Sunday morning.

Evans' Mug Shot

While the details of the settlement have not been released Evans' contract was clear on termination.

According to the contract, if Evans resigned or terminated the contract on his own, he would no longer be paid by Georgia. However, the contract between Evans and the University stipulates that the former AD be paid the full amount of the contract, nearly $3 million, if he is terminated without cause.

A DUI conviction would not be considered a "termination with cause" and it seems the "moral turpitude" clause in the contract is not strong enough to have fired Evans, either. The Georgia Supreme Court held in 1991 in the case Hall vs. Hall, 261 Ga. 188, that "misdemeanor conviction for DUI is not a crime of moral turpitude".

The settlement appears to have been reached mid-day Sunday, but no details have been released or reported. It also appears that Evans and Adams, both, were handcuffed by the circumstances surrounding the DUI arrest and fallout since. Adams cut short his vacation before the 4th of July to deal with the matter.

By Georgia law, the settlement would not have to be released until Thursday the 8th, but Adams could address that in an Athletic Association Executive Committee teleconference Monday morning at 11 AM. At that time it is expected that Evans' departure will be formally voted on and announced. No press conference has been scheduled as of 1 AM Monday morning.

You can read more details about Evans' contract here...

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