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Feeling Full

Feeling Full

Brannan Southerland started 7 games at fullback last season for the Dawgs and he is ready to start more this season. The redshirt sophomore from Dacula made the most of his rushing yards last season. He only gained 26 yards, but had 3 rushing touchdowns. He also had 2 touchdowns receiving. But blocking is what he does best and he is ready to do it again this season.

Dave McMahon -- How has the first few days of fall practice been? Brannan Southerland -- It is getter better. It was real tough the first day, but it was 10 times better the second day. Now it is good. It has been tough, but it has to be. DM -- Are you practicing with the first team or are you spliting time with Des Williams? BS -- I have been practicing with the first team, but... Recommended Stories

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