The Right Way

The Right Way

ATHENS - Because Georgia is more than just a company.


I am sure there were many people in the room who thought the day would never come that Greg McGarity would be the Athletic Director at Georgia – including McGarity himself.

But there they all were – the Bulldog Nation welcoming one of its own home. The last ending with one of their own ended ugly, and McGarity made certain to the crowd and those who watched on TV that he was not interested in dealing with the past.

Good. What's done is done.

What McGarity needs to do is get a little hope back in the offices of the Butts-Mehre Building. Georgia had become fractured, almost dysfunctional over the last few years. It wasn't all Damon Evans' fault, but it did happen (again, trying not to go backwards).

Moving forward the most important thing at Georgia should be winning – not money. No one cares about money. People care about winning… that's it. Yes, and doing it the right way. The focus, right or wrong, didn't always seem to be on the playing fields and in the classroom. Some deal was struck with this company; Georgia had signed a deal with another. Who cares if Stub Hub is the official ticketing partner of the Dawgs? I don't. Neither does the old timer driving up from Moultrie, or the student from Commerce. They just want to see Georgia win. Period.

I know. Georgia is more like a company now than ever before. I'm just saying that's not a good thing all of the time. Georgia is NOT a company. It is an institution with living breathing stakeholders – boosters; students; alums; student-athletes; coaches; administrators and just plain old fans (who might not invest millions, but do pour their hearts and souls into loving this thing called Georgia). They deserve more than just the bottom line. They deserve wins. If Georgia wins the money will follow – witness the fundraising after the 2007 football season.

The athletic department, as McGarity put it during the opening statements of his press conference, said Georgia will "do things… the right way".

Good. That means McGarity already understands what I am talking about. Recommended Stories