Chapas Leads the Way

Chapas Leads the Way

ATHENS – Voted as the best blocking fullback in the SEC last season, Shaun Chapas is a man's man out of the backfield.


Chapas, a senior from Jacksonville, notched both a rushing and receiving touchdown last season.

Still, his favorite aspect of his job is what he gets the most credit for.

"I like to do all those things, but how about landing a block that scores a touchdown, so that way I'm semi-responsible for the touchdown," he said.

Dawg Post caught up with Chapas to talk about the upcoming season, the Georgia-Florida game and to draw comparisons between Matt Stafford and Aaron Murray.

DP: You were close to Matthew Stafford when he was here. Is Aaron Murray and he alike in any way?

SC: Yeah, they both love to prepare. You know that when they both go out on the field they're both mentally going to know what's up. They're going to have their play scripted, they're going to know what the defense is in and they both love to play football.

DP: What do you think when you hear about coach Mark Richt being on the hot seat?

SC: I think anytime you have a season that doesn't live up to expectations like we had last year those things are going to get brought up. I love coach Richt, and I know he's a great guy who is going to keep doing a great job. I think this year we're going to play hard and hopefully at the end of the year people won't be saying that.

DP: Which side do you fall on when it comes to the debate over where the Georgia-Florida game should be played?

SC: I'm actually from Jacksonville, so I kind of like it there. It's my home way from home. I guess it's my home from home. I go home, and then I come back home and then go away from home. I like it there. I think it would be cool to play in the Swamp and then come back home and play. But I really like the way the way it is. I'm biased though since I'm from there.

DP: What do you think is the biggest strength for the offense this year?

SC: A lot of it is experience. We've got a lot of positional guys on offense who have all been through the fire. The only question mark we may have is at quarterback, but I have no doubts there. I think our experience is going to help us. We've all been there before.

DP: How anxious are you for the first game to get here?

SC: It's a long summer. You get kind of restless beating up on your own guys at camp. You want get against the opposite color as fast as you can.

DP: How important will it be to get off to a good start this season?

SC: That's always huge. We use the metaphor of one you get the train on the tracks you want to keep it rolling. The ore momentum you can build up the harder it is to stop. The beginning of the season is always huge for us, especially since we have a bunch of SEC games at the beginning of the schedule.

DP: The South Carolina game has been pegged as potentially the most pivotal of the season for you guys. Do you agree?

SC: That's always a huge game for us. It's at the beginning of the season, and we've talked about getting the momentum rolling. They're always a great team that plays really tough. I think since I've been here it's always been within just a couple points. Being at their place will be quite a challenge.

DP: What do you think of Todd Grantham so far?

SC: Honestly, he brought in a whole new scheme for us. I think it's a good changeup for us. Obviously he's a very sharp man. In just the little bit I've gotten to know him, he's a great man and a great coach.

DP: What happened to get the running game going last October? Did you expect that happen in August, and it just took longer?

SC: I know in the beginning of last year Caleb had some hamstring problems. When he got healthy and when Washaun got some experience things really got going for us. The offensive line did a heck of a job blocking for them, so I think a combination of all those things kind of got the ball rolling.

DP: What do you think has generated the recruiting success this year?

SC: Because it's the place to be. I think when you sit down with coach Richt, and when you sit down with the staff and get to Athens, it's kind of like what's not to love about it. It's been probably the best decision of my life. Recommended Stories