Incident Report On Evans Gives Details

Incident Report On Evans Gives Details

ATHENS – An incident report filed by the Georgia State Patrol describes the allegations against Damon Evans in detail.


State Patrol Report

According to Georgia State Patrol Officer M. Cabe, Evans had a slow, mumbled speech pattern and watery and bloodshot eyes and a strong alcoholic breath the night of his arrest. The arresting officer alleges that Evans "kept his left heel on the ground almost the entire test, even after instructed him to approximately 6 inches off the ground."

After pulling Evans over, Cabe alleges that Evans "fumbled through his cards and dropped some of the items before giving me his license. I also noticed that the subject (Evans) had a red pair of lady's panties between his legs."

Cabe then stated that Evans told him that he'd had "a couple of drinks", but that he "felt pretty good." Cade then states that he repeatedly told the passenger, Counrtney Fuhrmann, "not to get out of the car again" after she had done so many times before. Cabe then reports that he was instructing Evans when Fuhrmann "began yelling out the driver's side window. Ms. Fuhrmann got out of the car again. I told Ms. Fuhrmann to get back into the vehicle, and that if she got out again, I would place her under arrest."

Cade then stated that Evans told him that Fuhrmann "was only trying to protect (Evans)." Moments later, according to Cade, Fuhrmann left the car once more. The officer then place her under arrest.

Cade then stated that Evans told him that: "I have a young lady, and she is intoxicated and I am just trying to get her home. I apologize, and don't want to use my influence but she is trying to protect me."

Cade then alleges that when he tried to place the Georgia AD under arrest that Evans "pulled away from me and kept trying to turn around." Cade then states that Evans refused to "a request for his breath."

Then, according to Cade, Evans said: "I am not trying to bribe you, but I am the Athletic Director at the University of Georgia." Cade said that Evans then started to cry. "I didn't think I was that drunk," Evans said according to Cade.

Cade then asked about the red panties. He said Evans replied: "She took them off and I held them because I was just trying to get her home."

Cade then said Evans said he understood what was going on, but stated: "I don't want to use who I am, but I would just like ask that you take me to a Motel." Cade then reported that Evans said: "We go though life and we all drink and jump in a car. I felt I was good, but maybe not. But I am not trying to bribe you, but in there anything you can do without arresting me?"

Evans denied a relationship with Fuhrmann, Cade said. Cade then stated in his report that Fuhrmann was upset with Evans "because he was going to get off and she was not." Cade then said Evans asked if he could write a warning, but the officer refused.

Cade, in his report, then says he asked Fuhrmann "how long they had been seeing each other". He said Fuhrmann replied: "only a week or so." She then said, according to Cade, "it will be erased because he is the Athletic Director at UGA, and he had that power." Recommended Stories

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