Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

DALTON – Sometimes who's battling alongside you is just as important as where you are.


When Watts Dantzler pledged to play for Georgia Sunday, David Andrews, along with both his parents, were on hand.

Nobody was happier to hear the news than Wesleyan's Andrews, who committed to the Bulldogs in February.

The two met last spring at a Scout Combine. Cast in the same recruiting game, and both toiling together on the offensive line, Andrews and Dantzler had much in common.

The two, along with fellow linemen recruit Hunter Long, have been the best of friends since.

"I didn't know what he was going to do, and we talked about it," Andrews said. "When we talked we just talked about friend stuff. I knew it was between Auburn and Georgia, and when he called me to tell me he was going to Georgia I almost felt like I was committing again because now he's going to be there and be playing with me."

Committing to Georgia in February, Andrews had three months to sway his friend to play with, rather than against him in college. While Dantzler waffled between Notre Dame, Auburn and Georgia, Andrews did his best to keep his friend's best interest in mind.

Through texts, and talks and going out to eat with each other's families, the two conversed about recruiting often. But for the most part where Dantzler was thinking about playing was left out of the conversation.

"Yeah with Watts he was kind of a special case because he was a friend," Andrews said. "I wanted him to go where he was happy, and I wanted him to go to Georgia. I just kind of kept it in mind, it wasn't really putting pressure on Watts."

Shortly after picking Georgia at his ceremony on Sunday, Dantzler scanned the large audience for Andrews. Singling him out, Dantzler laughed as he indicated playing at the same school, and on the same line played a role in his decision. "Having the opportunity to play alongside David Andrews is going to be a lot of fun," Dantzler said.

Now with the guessing game over, and both decisions behind them, the offensive linemen say they're focused on getting bigger, faster and stronger in preparation for one last season in high school. Andrews knows when he's not working out or training, Dantzler probably is and vice versa.

Both are currently texting, and on Facebook encouraging other top-flight recruits to come to Georgia. But with a friendship already ensured to continue at the college level, both couldn't be happier.

"With me and Watts I wanted him to come, but it was more of a friend thing so I wanted him to make where his decision was," Andrews said. "He picked the right school." Recommended Stories

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