Make Georgia Basketball Relevant

No more excuses allowed - it is time to make Georgia basketball a winner once and for all.

Georgia's dismissal of Dennis Felton presents a golden opportunity for Georgia basketball to pivot from one of the most difficult decades to stomach (save one fabulous week in 2008) to get ready for its future – which had better be bright.

There is simply no excuse – none… zero – for Georgia to be as pathetic in basketball as it has been over the last ten years. Since Tubby Smith left Georgia has been through three coaches, one painful probation period, one skipped post-season and three trips to the NCAAs with only one win. In other words Georgia has been spinning its wheels for years.

Basketball talent in the Peach State is everywhere. Often all one needs to do is look at the opposing team to find a player who decided to leave his home in Georgia to play at another school in the South. Jodie Meeks (Kentucky – Norcross), Dominique Archie (South Carolina – Augusta), Korvotney Barber (Auburn – Manchester), Rasheem Barrett (Auburn – Atlanta), Toney Douglas (Florida State – Jonesboro), Robert Dozier (Memphis – Lithonia… long story), Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest – Norcross). Those are just the established players in the South.

Things are going no better recruiting current high school prospects. Derrick Favors (Atlanta – Committed to Georgia Tech), is the top overall player in the country according to He will not be going to Georgia. Kenny Hall (Stone Mountain – Committed to Tennessee) will not be going to Georgia. Lorenzo Brown (Roswell – NC State) will not be going to Georgia. Richard Howell (Marietta – NC State) will not be going to Georgia. Mfon Udofia (Lithonia – Georgia Tech) will not be going to Georgia. Noel Johnson (Fayetteville – Southern Cal) will not be going to Georgia. Terrence Shannon (Forsyth – Florida State) will not be going to Georgia. Ari Stewart (Marietta – Wake Forest) will not be going to Georgia. Kammeon Holsey (Sparta – Georgia Tech) will not be going to Georgia.

See a pattern? I only mentioned the Peach State natives considered in the top 100 in the country. That's right, Georgia, a program where 10% of the top talent in the country lives, can't even secure a single in-state player… not one. Really?

Damon Evans had better hit it out of the park in the person he picks to replace Felton. After all – that move will be the only significant personnel move Evans has been forced to make, and Felton was hired because Evans pushed for that to happen. Georgia has failed miserably at recruiting talent to play basketball at Georgia. It had better not fail recruiting coaching talent this time as Georgia fans deserve much, much more. Recommended Stories

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