UGA VII: The Debut

UGA VII: The Debut

ATHENS - Dawg Post's video of UGA VII's first game as mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs.

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Coaches have come and gone; great players have come and gone; the one thing that's stayed the same over the last half century at Georgia is UGA.

The most famous mascot in the country, the UGA line is more important to the University of Georgia than any other symbol. The Arches, Sanford Stadium, the "G" – nothing else comes closer to what Georgia is than UGA himself.

I thought Quentin Grant's article about what sells in recruiting was an interesting read. It made me think more about what people outside of Georgia and the South think when they see Georgia's symbols. UGA is the one thing you know immediately as Georgia.

Georgia fans may know Sanford Stadium and its famous hedges in an instant when they see it. But the stadium, as pleasant to the eye as it is, could be confused with other stadiums that feature the same layout – like Jordan-Hare at Auburn.

Georgia's Silver Britches are unique to the Dawgs, but other schools around the country have tried to steal that, too (NC State comes to mind).

The Georgia "G" can be mistaken with the Green Bay Packers' "G". Why doesn't their helmet include a "B" in it? I've always wondered that.

There is nothing wrong with the University sharing the Arches. The State of Georgia seal features that symbol prominently – it is not exclusive to the University.

My point is this: Everyone – even folks who know nothing about college football – knows what UGA is. They understand that it is the Georgia Bulldog – the spirit of Georgia itself wrapped up in a cute (for dog lovers) all-white package. UGA is the most unique thing about Georgia – it may be the most unique thing in college sports.

There is no confusing UGA with the Atlanta Falcon, the Auburn Tiger (enter making fun of Auburn's confusing mascot heritage here) or any other symbol in sport.

Branding is such a big thing in the world, and there is no brand (or breed for that matter) that can compete with UGA – a Damn Good Dawg. Recommended Stories

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