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Safety First

Safety First

Kelin Johnson is now in his 3rd season at Georgia, but as the 2006 season approaches, he is a new place, number one on the depth chart in the Free Safety position. Johnson was not heavily recruited when he came to Georgia from Daytona Beach, but now he is holding his own on both defense and on special teams. On Monday he found time to talk to me.

Dave McMahon -- How much conditioning have you been doing since G-Day? Kelin Johnson -- I have been doing a lot. We do a lot of working out on our own. But now we are running all the time. Sometimes on weekends, too. DM -- How ready are you for this season to start? KJ -- I am ready. I still need to polish up on some of my skills, but I am ready. DM -- Especially now, where... Recommended Stories

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