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Gator Bowl Matches Coaching Friends

Gator Bowl Matches Coaching Friends

They've compared notes and notions for lo these many years. Now Dan Mullen and Pat Fitzgerald meet again, this time from opposing sidelines in the Gator Bowl. In fact, Mullen joked, he might inadvertently have given his friend an edge weeks ago by swapping some video. "I'm sure Pat's been grinding away so he may have the advantage, I'm going to have to get caught up!"

Actually Mississippi State also has its own stock of Northwestern video already, obtained well before the 2012 regular season ended. But Mullen didn't borrow from his peer in anticipation their teams would meet on New Years Day in Jacksonville. The Bulldog boss was looking for ideas, inspiration even, from a source he's accessed often before. And vice-versa. "We bounce a lot of things off each... Recommended Stories

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