Morgan Visits Georgia

Morgan Visits Georgia

ATHENS – Marshall Morgan is getting his feet wet in the world of recruiting.


Nearly a year from the time he will sign with a school, Morgan took a trip to Athens to see just what Georgia has to offer. The trip is one of a slew Morgan will likely take, including trips to in-state schools like Florida and Florida State.

"If a school is going to offer, I really need to check it out," Morgan said. "I really loved it. I didn't know too much about Georgia. I was overwhelmed with everything. People are so much nicer here – as opposed to Florida."

A Fort Lauderdale native, Morgan was impressed on his trip to Georgia.

"I learned that Georgia, academically, is very organized. They players have people who keep you up to date with what you need to do," he said.

During the trip Morgan spent time taking in some of the sights on campus and spent time with a fellow kicker.

"We went to the gymnastics meet, and I hung out with Brandon Bogatay," Morgan said. "He was an awesome guy. I love to surf, and he does, too. I had a ton of good food while I was here."

Morgan talked a lot about the food and friendliness. He also said he felt a real connection with Georgia's coaching staff.

"The thing that struck me about Georgia was the friendliness. I threw a snowball at Coach Lily, and he didn't even retaliate. They were really all very genuine. I know Coach Lilly, Coach Richt and Coach Belin – Coach Belin was awesome. They showed a ton of hospitality; it was like a family." Recommended Stories

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