WSB: Green Leaving; Green: Not True

WSB: Green Leaving; Green: Not True

ATHENS – WSB TV in Atlanta is reporting that A.J. Green is going to the NFL. Green says that's inaccurate.


Zach Klein, who broke the story that Damon Evans was out as athletics director at Georgia, is reporting that two sources have told him that A.J. Green is leaving.

"There is a 100 percent chance he is gone, and a possible (NFL) lockout has no bearing on his decision," Klein writes in the story, which indicates that both sources were quoted saying the same exact thing – to the word.

When contacted by Dawg Post, Green refuted the WSB story.

"I haven't made a decision," Green said Thursday.

Green also refuted the story on his twitter account just after midnight on Wednesday.

"Idk where these ppl got that I'm going pro..this is def not true.." Green said. "Haven't even made a decision yet!"

Georgia broke for Christmas break Tuesday. The team will convene in Memphis at 11 AM on Sunday. Green will not be available to the media until 4:30 Sunday. Recommended Stories

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