Durham Fine; Chapas Recovering

Durham Fine; Chapas Recovering

ATHENS - Senior wide receiver Kris Durham has been battling a myriad of minor injuries this season.


He's battled though patellar tendinitis for a few weeks and in Saturday's loss at Mississippi State he suffered a stinger, which caused numbness in one of arms.

Still, when asked how he felt Monday, he elected to talk about his mindset concerning Georgia 0-3 SEC start.

"Disappointed, you know," he said. "A little frustrated. It's not something that, you know, it's one of those things you have to let your emotions go and focus on the task at hand. I mean, you can't just sit back and let it be a snowball effect for the rest of the season, because there is still a lot of games left to play. We just need to stay together and continue working hard."

Despite the nagging injuries, Durham leads the team with 17 catches and 324 yards receiving. He expects to be back on the field this Saturday against Colorado.

"The neck is fine," Durham said. "I pinched a nerve, caused a little numbness, tingling, that sort of thing. I should be fine for this week. I don't expect any kind of delays or any kind of missing or anything like that."

And Durham even downplayed the tendinitis, playfully blaming offensive coordinator Mike Bobo for making such a small issue public.

"That's been fine," he said. "That was Bobo saying something. I got a little tendinitis but that's fine. It's hasn't slowed me down. I'm not the fast of foot, but it hasn't slowed me down any."

Chapas recovering

Senior fullback Shaun Chapas played only three snaps in the loss at Mississippi State Saturday.

The week before, he missed the entire Arkansas loss, dealing with a high ankle sprain.

His recovery is going well, he says, and he expects to be on the field more often this weekend against Colorado.

"It's a lot better than it was," he said. "It's been getting better every day. If it keeps going like it's going, I think I'll be good to go."

Chapas initially hurt the ankle in the second quarter of the South Carolina loss three weeks ago. He was blocking a defender when another player fell and rolled over his ankle.

The worst part of missing time, Chapas said, is that he is actually more nervous watching the game than playing.

"Yeah I've learned that you get a lot more nervous when you're watching, especially in that Arkansas game," he said. "I was going crazy over there. I guess when you're playing you don't really feel the nerves as much I guess. So you know, and it is frustrating just watching it and not getting in there. We're looking to turn this thing around. We'll be all right."

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