Turn Murray Loose

ATHENS – Aaron Murray saw what is likely to be the best or second-best defense he will be confronted with this season last Saturday.


And the youngster did quite well – better than fans feared he might, and probably better than his coaches expected.

I know I'm not the first to say so, but Mike Bobo and Mark Richt should take the training wheels off Murray and let him play. He proved to be the top playmaker on offense for the Bulldogs Saturday – even though he missed a throw here and there (don't all signal callers do that?).

Murray was without his safety blanket – A.J. Green – and was without his starting running back – Caleb King. Still, he didn't have the feared "screw up" everyone, including me, seemed like they were waiting on him to have.

There he was, a young 19-year-old, in the midst of one of the tougher crowds in the SEC, and he was handling it… hell, he could have done more. And asking him to do more from this point on is exactly what should be going on amidst the construction at Georgia's football practice facility.

But to do more would mean that he's been asked to do more. I don't claim to know anywhere near what Bobo and Richt know about football – let's just get that out of the way. But I do know what I see – a young playmaking signal caller who could have done more than was asked of him on Saturday.

Would asking Murray to do more have won the game for Georgia? No one knows, but we do know what not asking a lot of him (or at least asking him to do less than what we now know he can) got Georgia… a loss. Murray will go down as a great, not good, quarterback at Georgia.

But the time wondering what Murray can do should be over. He's proven that he can play well enough to win on the road in the SEC. He's proven that he can make plays, and I suspect that he can do even more.

Murray will be matched up against an Arkansas defense that Joe Cox torched last season. Everyone tells us that the Hogs have figured out some of their defensive problems from last fall. Fine. Still, Murray isn't Cox – the difference in the quarterback spot from this year to last is vastly improved, and therefore, even if the Hogs have improved Murray should still be able to make throws and deliver a win… if he's asked to.

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